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Welcome to Midstate Metal Detecting Clubs Web Site The thrill of the hunt - The days and months of planning and seeing all the plans come together to make a very successful Annual Hunt is something that all of the club members enjoy. Midstate Metal Detector Club has a very high level of standards for hosting their hunt and it shows in the number of people that come back year after year for 18 years. Some of these standards are that the hunt has a 100% payback (this means that the amount you pay in entry fee 100% is put back into the hunt fields for you to find), also the club members go to area businesses and ask for donations, club dealers get donations from their suppliers in the the form of detectors, tools, batteries, hats, teeshirts, and coins to bury in the hunt fields. Everyone is involved in the club and that is what makes Midstate Metal Detecting Club such an outstanding club. If you are interested in joining our club you can get more information, membership applications and hunt fliers on the Publications & Documents Page by clicking on the button in the navigation bar above.
Display Cases inside club trailer, very interesting! Pictures on this page and other pages can be click on to enlarge, try it. These pictures are from 2009 and 2010 annual hunts..
Kids Hunt Winners